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The motivation behind this site is to unite all Developers and Students who work in Programming and Internet field, with the goal that we can help one another and make our work simpler. This site is the simplest method to connect with industry specialists. We have made this site to empower everybody to pick up acknowledgment for their work, information, aptitudes and chance to help other people refine their insight.

Here you will find both professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the field, as well as people who are just learning to work with these programs. Please treat all participants in this forum with respect. The use of cynicism, offensive qualifications, and personal attacks on any of the forum participants will not be tolerated. If you ever come across content on this site that is contrary to good tone and our general terms and conditions, please notify the administrator immediately. The content will be immediately deleted and the user blocked.

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Users receive a different number of points according to their participation in the forum. For every question you ask, you get some points to your asset. You get some bonus points for each answer. If your answer is chosen as the best one, you get an extra points to your asset.

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These General Terms and Conditions are applied simultaneously with the protective norms of the Pakistam legislation in force, and in particular with the Criminal Code and the CSPA, insofar as there are no contradictions with the clauses explicitly agreed with these General Terms and Conditions.

The website allows you to post questions and answers related to Programming and Study. Questions on side topics are also allowed, as long as they do not prevail and contribute to solving a specific problem. Before you ask a question, please make sure that this question is no longer asked. Duplicate issues will not be allowed to be published, i.e. ones that have already been set before on the site. Questions that conflict with the site's terms of service will be immediately deleted. Users who violate the Terms of Service will be deleted.

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