Q2A Bulk Import from XML Feed

Q2A Bulk Import provides all data import features in one bundle. With the easy to understand import steps anyone gets familiar with the plugin on its first try. There is no limit for records to import with XML Importer and you can import Questions and Answers content prepared as XML file following a few simple steps. Migrating your data to your new q2a site and moderating content from Admin Panel becomes easier now with XML Importer.

How to Install?

  • Upload q2a-bulk-import.zip file on your server and unzip it into qa-plugin directory
  • Login to Your Admin Panel and navigate to Plugins page
  • Enable Q2A Bulk Import plugin (in case of disabled)
  • Navigate to Bulk Import Page from leftside manu bar.


How to use it?

Using this plugin is so simple and easy. Anyone can understand it in his first use. You have to simply navigate to the Bulk Import page and select the xml file. XML file's format should match with the sample given at the end of this page. You have to simply select the XML file and plugin will parse it. After parsing the data, plugin will show you how many questions are present in the given file for confirmation. 

After Confirmation of your data, you can start importing questions along with their answers. Here is the demonstration

Step 1: Select XML File and Click Parse File Button

Step 2: Confirm entries and fill the form with Question owner ID and Answers Owner ID. The questions and answers will be posted by using the given user ids (i.e posted by, answered by). Moderate Questions and Moderate Answers will make the entries to be moderated by the admin or not. After that, click on Import Data.

When the task is completed, the log will be displayed as shown in the picture bellow


Where to Get this Plugin?

Currently, this plugin is not available for Free. You will have to Purchase it by simply contacting me through this website. When you make the payment, I shall send you the Plugin file in zip on your email address.

Is it available online for purchasing?

Actually, Here is no Online Payment method is accepting users from my country. So, I have difficulties in selling my code online. Anyone can still buy it by making payment through Bank Transfer (IBAN), Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoin or PerfectMoney. 

Can you make it Free for Public?

Some people cannot pay for code but they have skills in other fields so, making the codes free for them would be a better way to help them. I can also make my code available for Free if someone help me in Crowd funding. Crowd Funding can bear my expenses of development. If you want to contribute to my code, please contact me by email or whatsapp and I shall make it Free for everyone soon.


Price: $20 (USD)

Contact Details:

Email: athar.techs@gmail.com , info@atexcode.com

Whatsapp: +92-303-9470001


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