Community Guidelines

Please read some guidelines given bellow:
1. Your Question should be related to study in Computer science. Programming related questions are preferred.
2. You should have to describe your whole question in One Sentence (while posting)
3. Write down the whole problem or question in Question body (while posting)
4. Write down at least 3 tags, tags are the words that are related to questions. Tags have very important rule as it is used by search engines and users to find a specific topic.
5. You should have knowledge of "Markdown Editor" to post questions.
6. Copied material from other websites are strictly prohibited.
7. If you copy material from some opensource website that contains on CC License, you are required to give the reference of that website under your copied material.
8. Do no use bad words in your question and/or answer.
9. Asking question related to someone's personal is strictly prohibited.

We may remove such material that does not meet our guidelines.

Hope you will understand it and follow our guidelines!
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